Audrey's career has taken many paths, with the common link of service. Her life has taken a few interesting curves, as well.

It has been Audrey's pleasure to know, live, and work with many brilliant professionals, who in turn have imparted an awful lot of useful knowledge and information to her. The reason we mention that is that over time those individuals' personalities have certainly "rubbed off" on Audrey. This portrait would not be complete without mentioning them.

This page is meant to give a smattering of tidbits from Audrey's life, the parts not evidenced in her résumé.

Audrey is the author of POCKETS: The Problem with Society Is in Women's Clothing, published by Word Association Publishers. See AudreyGlickman.com.

Audrey is known for writing parodies of songs and poems for friends' birthdays, for holiday party plays, and for any other occasion. A sample is offered here - "The Nags," parodying Edgar Allan Poe's "The Bells," written for Audrey's Mom.

The inherited ability to nag has come in handy at times.

This work is copyright by Audrey N. Glickman.

The Nags

The rest of this page intends to paint a portrait of Audrey through her own artwork. We have selected pieces through the years to present a sampling. All images are copyright by Audrey N. Glickman.

Ain't It The Way, 1978
Acrylic on board

Brownstone, 1978
Acrylic on board

Read, Array, 1978
Acrylic on board

Rust Belt, 1978
Acrylic on board

[Untitled], 1978
Acrylic on board

Murder Mystery, 1979
Acrylic on board

Field, 1979
Acrylic on board

Costumes, 1987
Oil on board

Juris Doctor, 1987
Acrylic on board

Oligarchy, 2011
Intaglio print

L'Egyptienne, 2011
Intaglio print, with watercolor


"The purpose of life is to serve."

- Edward H. Schoyer, Esq.