The Education of Audrey N. Glickman

Audrey Glickman is a graduate of Taylor Allderdice High School, like her mother, her son, and Wiz Khalifa.


Audrey holds a B.A. in Theatrical Production from the University of Pittsburgh. While there, she served as Vice President of the Studio Theatre Organization, in addition to a year as Vice President of Gay Supporters at Pitt.

Audrey credits her teachers with many beneficial and enlightening things:

The Little Foxes, ca 1977

  • Dick Knowles for handing her a box of lights and letting her paint, in addition to teaching her to produce, production manage, design and create sound, technical direct, and use any tool to build anything needed. (Audrey did figure out on her own how to take apart and repair autotransformers.)
  • Henry Heymann for gadding about the theater dropping bits of brilliance for his students to collect and apply accordingly.
  • Buck Favorini for driving her deep into Vaudeville research by declaring it was not a legitimate period of theatre history (an opinion he reversed twenty years later).
  • Robert Qualters for cramming years of experience into Painting 101.
  • Heidi Hollman for the hours spent in the costume shop building and discussing politics with Christopher Smith.
  • The Pittsburgh Dance Council and the Dance Alloy for forming while we were in college and so often needing light and sound.
  • Those geniuses of fellow students who set the bar so high for creativity - each of you and all of you. You were there, you know. You are all still incredible.

During the 1980s, Audrey kept increasing her knowledge, with a graduate-level course in television production, and pre-engineering courses. (She earned straight A's in Calculus I through IV.)


While at Ketchum, MacLeod & Grove advertising, preparing documentation for twelve persons, and answering 18 phone lines, Audrey was lucky to be able to participate in the training program for Media Planning. Working with her superiors, studying, and passing the presentation tests, it was quite an education. (As Audrey was about to graduate, the company stopped promoting from within, in favor of hiring college interns.) She also is grateful for the education shared by the video production folks, for whom she served as spare camera operator while teaching them a small bit of lighting design in return for some video knowledge.

Audrey learned negotiating skills by listening to the best of them at Buchanan Ingersoll Professional Corporation. She also gained a good working knowledge of contracts and financial documents, which has come in handy quite often.

Art Knowledge

After 2000, seeking a change in career, Audrey attended evening classes at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, earning a Diploma in Digital Design - a course which upgraded old artists to the digital age. The art in the tangential website is the product of that schooling.

Political Knowledge

It likely will take years to sort through the applied political skills Audrey has witnessed over the last decade or so. Some purveyors of the governmental arts are well-endowed with great abilities; others use them to poor advantage. All are a vivid education.


Audrey has no intention of lagging in learning, and continues to consume all the information and experience she can get her hands on.



"As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it."

- Albert Einstein